512 - Number puzzle game

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512 - Number puzzle game चे वर्णन

512 is an Android version of the great puzzle game 2048, in which players will have to move squares from one side of the grid to the other in order to create the squares with the highest possible score. Unlike the original version, this time the limit is not reached by adding the number 512 that gives the game its name, but we can combine and combine numbers until we run out of space in the grid.

Each time we move the squares in one direction, a new one will appear with a value of 2 (or multiple of 2). When joining two squares of the same value, these will be fused into a new square with the combined value of both tiles. In this way, when joining two squares of 32, for example, we will obtain a new one of 64.

With this mechanic in mind, players will have to try to get the maximum possible score, which we can obtain by combining squares. Now, to reach that point is a feat that most players will never achieve, because at the moment when all squares are occupied by numbers and there is no free space to slide, the game will be over.

512 is a very good adaptation of the great puzzle game 2048, which we can enjoy on our Android device. Its control system is also perfect for touch terminals.

How to play:
- Swipe up, down, left or right to move the tiles.
- When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

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APK आवृत्ती 1.0.35
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निर्माता La cosa nostra
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